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Investor Relations

Gladstone Land is managed externally by Gladstone Management.

Gladstone Management Corporation, a Delaware corporation and a registered investment adviser, will serve as our adviser, and we refer to it as our “Adviser.” Under the terms of an advisory agreement we have with our Adviser, our Adviser will be responsible for managing our business on a day-to-day basis and for identifying and making acquisitions and dispositions that it believes meet our investment criteria. Our Adviser’s address is 1521 Westbranch Drive, Suite 100, McLean, Virginia 22102, and its telephone number is (703) 287-5800.

Under the terms of the advisory agreement we have with our Adviser, we will reimburse our Adviser for certain expenses it incurs related to its management of our activities. Since our advisory agreement permits our Adviser to provide services to other entities, its officers, directors and employees may also be working on business for others. Our Adviser will receive compensation in the form of reimbursement for services relating to the investment and management of our assets.

Learn more about the management of Gladstone Land by visiting the Gladstone Management website.